san-bernardino review

Henri Kebabdjian (France), 2021Nathan is joined by his dille by the racetracks

Henri Kebabdjian (France), 2021Nathan is joined by his dille by the racetracks

BURROSdir. Jefferson Stein (USA), 2021A young Indigenous girl discovers a Hispanic migrant her age who has been separated from her father in the beautiful but dangerous Sonoran desert.

WOODPECKERdir. Kevin T. Landry (Que?bec, Canada), 2021More than a decade after she abandoned him, E?mile accepts his mother Fanny’s invitation to come work with her on an isolated logging camp.

AS DE TREFLEdir. He hopes that by betting on the race, he will be able to afford the school of her dreams.

STEPSdir. Blake Winston Rice (USA), 2021Separated for years, Kate returns out of the blue, to her ex’s pool – fulfilling her final promise of letting Cooper teach her how to swim.

Jack Dunphy (USA), 2021After a night of rejection by his highschool sweetheart Sara, Jack gets a phone call from Sara as she was at 18. He rushes to his childhood home to see her, and in the process steps into the past.

In the early days of the internet a brother and sister attempt to mend their strained relationship while filming a hoax video

BIG BROTHERdir. Re?mi St-Michel (Que?bec, Canada), 2021Antoine and his former ”big brother” reunite after the latter, now a father, moved to Russia several years ago.

I DON’T SEE YOU ANYMOREdir. Carles Go?mez Alemany (Spain), 2021Pau (23) has not been well for weeks. He pretends to be okay in front of his roommate but he can’t stop thinking about his ex.

RAWdir. Drake Shannon (USA), 2020Past and present are blurred by a horrifying transgression as a female soldier faces the aftermath of a military patrol in the Middle East.


LILI ALONEdir. Zou Jing (China, Hong Kong, Singapore), 2021Lili, a young mother, lives with her gambler husband in a remote part of Sichuan.