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9. Requests to make contact outside of official channels

9. Requests to make contact outside of official channels

As a freelancer, most of your payment options will be digital. However, some clients may pay through check, while others may use direct deposit or credit card. These are all standard forms of payment and are typically trustworthy.

Some clients will try to scam freelancers by offering to pay via unusual methods. This can include asking freelancers to accept alternative forms of payment (goods and services instead of money) or to accept payment using methods such as gift cards.

  • Directly through the freelance platform you’re using, which will receive the payments and extract a fee
  • PayPal or a similar platform like Wise or Payoneer
  • Credit card
  • Direct deposit
  • Check
  • Some other, minor payment systems, such as Square, that you may use if you’re the type of freelancer who sells his or her objects through physical means

However, you should never accept payments through means that are wholly atypical or completely unusual.