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After my husband died, I went for 15 years without sex

After my husband died, I went for 15 years without sex


I was sexually “conservative.” Back when I was single, I let myself go a few times, but my head was mostly filled with phrases like “a nice, Jewish girl doesn’t enjoy sex.” That was about to change.

(We were married for 15 years). And our sex hadn’t been great when we had it, thanks to, among other reasons, my repression and a medication I was taking. So, at age 70, I was practically a virgin. I asked my doctor to change my medication to something else, and he did. Now I wanted mad, passionate, down-and-dirty sex. But how?

Orgasms had never come easily to me, but I had never thought of mentioning it to a doctor or therapist to see whether there was something available to help me. Finally, I did. My urologist, a woman, suggested I get a vibra.

Thirty years ago, a married cousin mentioned she used a vibrator and suggested it for me. “Interesting,” I said, while scoffing at the idea. I couldn’t imagine myself stooping that low. And I didn’t have a high regard for porn, either, labeling it as disgusting.