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Fuckbook Review – Can this site really get you laid?

Fuckbook Review – Can this site really get you laid?

I mean, what’s not to like? They’re so much better than standard dating sites. You just make a quick profile, add some pictures, have a few chats, and more often than not, you end up meeting horny girls who want to share your bed. There’s none of the small talk rubbish that comes with regular dating. It’s a win-win for guys and girls who just want quick sex.

One such hookup site is a place called Fuckbook. Never heard of it? Well, the name says it all. Fuckbook is one of those sex sites you’ll see advertised on every adult website out there. It’s a place for horny men and women to find a single-serving partner for the night. It’s the Facebook of sex – or so it claims.

But how does Fuckbook hold up? Is it legit? Can it back up its claims of being the ultimate fuck site, and help you get laid? We’ve scoured this dating site from top to bottom to give you all the gritty details. Here’s our Fuckbook review and our overall rating at the end.

Fuckbook: First Impressions

Right off the bat, the Fuckbook sign up process is nice and simple. No disgusting pop up ads or pesky redirects. Just enter in your email address (not your real one obviously), birthday, gender, username, and boom. All done.

Next, you get to say exactly what you’re looking for. Choose from options like, “man looking for women,” “looking to trade pictures,” “looking to webchat,” and so forth.

Straight away I noticed how customizable your experience could be which is a breath of fresh air compared to most dating sites. Most of them just have the barebones approach to profiles, like name, age, and a profile photo. Fuckbook puts the effort in thought to create a fully immersive user experience.

As I began scrolling through my feed, I could immediately tell that the site had a very Facebook kind of feel to it, and not just because of its name.