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Victoria Milan Review: Is The Affair Dating Site Worth Trying?

Victoria Milan Review: Is The Affair Dating Site Worth Trying?

At this point in history, dating sites are normal. Step into a time machine and go back five years, however, and dating sites seemed like an exciting fad. Everyone was talking about how Tinder was about to cause the fall of western civilization (or about how they were just about to use it to get laid).

And it’s understandable as to why: Establishing a bond or making a plan with someone is difficult even if you are talking face-to-face. Through the filter of text chat, it can be nearly impossible. Dating sites didn’t really take off until they innovated on solutions to this problem.

Victoria Milan is a dating site that seeks to solve this problem in a way that many have before it: A shared interest. Unlike many before it though, Victoria Milan’s shared interest of choice is adultery.

Perhaps the word “adultery” leaves dating apps for couples a bad taste in your mouth though. That is, unfortunately, almost unavoidable. All the shorthand one might use to describe extra-marital affairs are stained with negative connotations. But where the English language judges, Victoria Milan understands.

Initial Impressions

Victoria Milan offers a good first impression by emphasizing its anonymity options. You don’t have to provide a picture. If you do provide a picture, you can have it blurred (either partially or fully) or put a mask on it to hide half of your face. But if that’s where the anonymity ended, it wouldn’t be very anonymous at all.

The optional picture is supplemented with a variety of (non-incriminating) details about yourself.