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My pal informed me whenever unsafe sex she’d have fun with liquids and put salt into liquids

My pal informed me whenever unsafe sex she’d have fun with liquids and put salt into liquids


Students, especially ladies, mentioned having fun with low-pharmaceuticals as types of contraceptives. This type of people demonstrated the way they have possibly put otherwise heard about water, sodium, and you can leg squats since the forms of contraceptives.

.. Yes, that’s what she told you (you to she used water and you may sodium after sex), and you can she actually is a medical scholar (thus financing credence compared to that means). (Lady FGD)

In regards to the water, when you takes regarding the 30 centiliters off drinking water, with time you find the newest urine. Over time, you’ll see it (semen) on the jeans. (Girls FGD)

Merely settle down, at the end of it (intercourse), an individual will be right up, you merely go to the restroom in order to squat to possess a half hour try pushing it out as if you was peeing. Therefore notice that it (semen) is on its way out on its without needing contraceptives. You squat; after you squat, your push it as if you find yourself looking to push things having force. Stay truth be told there (on the standing) to own half-hour, the brand new sperm (semen) will unquestionably come out. (Girls FGD)

Absolute and you can Modern Contraceptives

Finally, members stated detachment, condoms, postinor (a familiar disaster birth prevention inside Nigeria), and calendar approach once the other forms from contraceptives. The two commonest forms of modern contraceptives certainly participants had been condoms and crisis birth-control pills while you are diary and you may detachment procedures have been this new a couple of commonest different sheer steps.

Birth-control Taste

Even in the event members explained various methods out-of birth control, they showcased their choices getting withdrawal, secure months (schedule approach), and you can disaster contraceptives instead of condoms.