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Age at the intimate maturity are 170 months

Age at the intimate maturity are 170 months

The brand new alive pounds away from 8-week-old pullets is 0.88, and this of cockerels is actually 0.98 kilogram. The brand new live lbs away from hens is 2.5 as well as cocks step three Geek singles dating sites.5 kg. The typical yearly creation is actually 180-190 egg weighing 55-56 grams. Egg-shell are brownish. Fertility off eggs is actually 95% and hatchability 85%. Endurance rate of younger up to 56 days of decades is actually 98% and of grownups it is 95%.

UKRAINIAN MUFFED (Ukrainskaya ushanka)

This might be a city variety of the brand new central and you will north Ukraine; the source try uncertain. Its distinguishing ability is a short thicker mustache and you can dense muffs covering brief ear canal-lobes. This character is prominent over lack of mustache.

The fresh reproduce are elevated of the beginner breeders and in gene conservation flocks away from research institutes. The latest stock is actually 2 hundred lead. Your face is actually high and you will greater, which have a rose or solitary brush and you can quick good beak. The body are lightweight, bullet, profusely feathered. Muffed chickens are brief and you can thickset having relatively small base. The latest tail was well toned, that have round feathers, and you can inclining somewhat in reverse. The newest plumage can be black, light gray otherwise red-colored-brownish, but there are also light, noticed, gold and mottled types.

Muffed chickens features a very good brooding abdomen. Chicks feather early. The brand new alive pounds out-of adult hens is actually step one.8-2.step 3 and of cocks dos.step three-step three.5 kg.

Years in the sexual readiness are 150-180 months. An average annual production is actually 150-160 eggs regarding 50-60 grams. Egg shell was white brown. Production of champions is located at 2 hundred-214 egg annually.