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Alarming Social media Statistics – New 2022 Release

Alarming Social media Statistics – New 2022 Release

Social networking made a great progress means with its brief 20-season background. Of numerous envision it may you should be a fad, but even though many sites have come and moved, the idea of social networking stays solid and it has feel part of fabric of one’s around the world society.

Social media is furthermore for the past year as the Coronavirus pandemic features raged and you may pushed us to count with the digital innovation inside your, such as for instance to remain related to friends and family.

However, if you find yourself personal media’s dominance and you may significance are not all that alarming, there are numerous other things in the social media that treat your. We compiled most of the statistics we could look for regarding the social media in the 2021 that bump your socks from and you may remind united states all-just essential this technology might.

2021 Social network Use

As of , there were more than 3.96 billion social media users in the world. Considering there are around 7 billion people globally, more than half of the global population is currently using social media in one form or another. Since there are approximately 4.5 mil online users worldwide, we can also say that around 80 percent of web users also use social media.

Teenagers Love Social network

It appears to be sheer. After all, the present teens was in fact born with the an electronic world, it is therefore not surprising that young adults are the ones most likely to take on social networking.