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Our Results After Using SexSearch Over 3 Months: Is SexSearch Legit?

Our Results After Using SexSearch Over 3 Months: Is SexSearch Legit?


Sexsearch is the kind of website we’re always HOPING to find when we’re looking through sex dating websites. It’s always nice to see a site like this when we’re doing a review, because it’s an unexpected pleasure instead of the much more likely other way around.

Not only did we actually get laid and meet lots of women on SexSearch, we actually enjoyed ourselves. That’s too rare during a lot of our reviews, but not with our Sexsearch review.

So, is SexSearch right for you? Let’s take a closer look at this site and see if we can recommend it for everyone, or whether we’re going to hold out and keep it all to ourselves.

SexSearch is one of the most comprehensive sites we’ve ever used, as well as being one of the most intuitive and easy to airg use. This was just a great site design-wise from beginning to end.

Content-wise, we were really impressed with the amount of girls we found using this site. It never felt like we were sending out emails to no one-there always seemed to be women who were living close by, ready to meet up for sex, and their profiles were usually active.

These weren’t snobbish women, either. These are women that we were very excited about meeting, and we were right to be excited.

During our SexSearch review, we sent out 500 emails to women.